Features that are missing in YouTube

If you are a YouTube developer then you can help with enabling the following features in YouTube.

  1. After adding Captions/Translation, automatically add a Card (shown during the first few seconds of the video) telling the viewer that the video has more languages and how to see those. Example: CppCon 2016 Lightning Talks: Dietmar Kühl “Range for" (During the first few seconds the top right corner of the video shows a Card reminding the viewer that other languages can be turned on, this might not be seen on some smartphones in some browser modes).
  2. Multiple captions at the same time:
    • One translates the slide and stays in the specific parts of the screen as long as the slide stays;
    • Another one translates the speech and stays/scrolls on the screen separately form the slide captions.
  3. Different colors of the captions:
    • Different voices - different colors;
    • Karaoke-like highlighting of the captions;
    • Voice (translated) in one color, presentation records (translated) in the other color.
  4. Show captions in a specific part of the screen, e.g. in top-right quarter when the rest of the screen is occupied with important info.
  5. Smooth scrolling of the captions, constant speed of the scrolling (like in the end of a movie), complemented with karaoke-like highlighting. Arbitrary direction of scrolling and shift.
  6. Print captions not "white letter in a black rectangle" but "white letter with a black contour/outline" or "white letter with black shadow".
  7. Captions Font manipulations (font, bold, italic, web-link).
  8. Statistics of Caption views, e.g. Total Views: 50; Views with German Subtitles: 3 (6%); Views with Chinese Subtitles: 1 (2%).
  9. Support of translations in the form of extra audio tracks (voice translations).

Feel free to add more.
The link to this page has been reported to YouTube on 2017.06.18.

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